What are the rules of triathlon?


Can I use headphones while racing?

  • No, it is not safe to do so.
  • It is also against the rules of racing. You may be penalised or disqualified by the Triathlon Ireland referee or their nominated officials.

Do I need goggles?

  • Yes - Googles are mandatory!
  • No goggles = No swim as per the race rules.
  • This is for your comfort and safety.

Do I need a swim cap?

  • You will be issued a TriAthy swim cap at our registration venue similar to the ones depicted below.

  • Your hat will be colour coded to identify your race grouping.
  • For warmth and comfort some triathletes choose to double up and wear their own swim cap under the official cap.
  • The official TriAthy cap must be worn as the external layer as it an essential safety feature of raceday.

Where do I wear my race number while on the bike?

  • You will be provided with a race bib and race belt at our registration venue similar to the one below.

  • During the swim your bib will not be visible as it will be under your wetsuit.
  • During the bike section your number must be displayed on your back.
  • During the run section, it must be displayed on your front.
  • By using the race belt we provide you can easily swivel the race bib from back to front while transitioning.

What happens if I get a puncture?

  • You are not allowed to receive any assistance during your race.
  • If you get a puncture you must fix it yourself or retire from the race.
  • If you get into difficulty out on the course and want assistance to return to transition, please notify one of our roaming marshals who will do their best to help you.

Do I need a helmet?

  • Yes - it is mandatory requirement for racing!
  • Your helmet must have no cracks and the straps must be fitted to you.
  • It must be a bike specific helmet (no hurling helmets or skiing helmets!)

What is a Mount Line and Dismount Line?


The Mount Line:

  • is the point at which you are allowed to get on your bike. You are not allowed to cycle through transition, you must push your bike to the Mount Line and then start cycling.

The Dismount Line:

  • Similarly, you must get off your bike at the Dismount Line as you come back to transition after your bike leg.


  • The rules state that you must put on your helmet, and close the straps, before pushing your bike to the Mount Line.
  • You may not remove your helmet until you have re-racked your bike.

Will there be cars on the road?

  • A legal road closure will be in place during TriAthy so the course is not open to normal vehicular traffic.
  • TriAthy is one of the few triathlon races in Ireland that have 36km of fully closed routes for our bike course.
  • It is possible that you will encounter a vehicle, but it should be an exceptional circumstance only.
  • You will share the road with other race entrants and you are obliged to observe the normal rules of the road.
  • Please note that there will be roaming motor bike officials and Gardai on the course.
  • In special circumstances, ambulances or local emergency traffic may have to briefly enter onto the course to deal with an unexpected event.
  • In all situations... the rules of the road will apply.

What is "Transition"?

  • Transition is an area where all entrants must rack their bike and leave their essentials for the swim and run.
  • It is the area where you will be based for transition from swim to bike (known as T1) and bike to run (known as T2)
  • The transition area is a secure area, limited to entrants only.
  • At TriAthy there will be FOUR separate transition zones - one for each of the TriAthy races.
  • Competitors should be fully aware of the movement flows in and out of transition during race day. These will be set out in detail within the race course maps.

Why do I need a Race Licence to participate at TriAthy 2019?

  • TriAthy 2019 is a Triathlon Ireland sanctioned event.
  • As such all participants are required to have a "Race Licence" in order to participate for insurance purposes.
  • A Race Licence is either:
    • Full Membership of Triathlon Ireland in 2019 (Full, Student, or Junior membership only); OR
    • Full Membership in 2019 of any affiliated ITU Organsiation (including the British Triathlon Federation encompassing: Triathlon England / Welsh Triathlon / Triathlon Scotland); OR
    • A One Day Membership for the TriAthy event you are taking part in.
  • Both Triathlon Ireland Membership and One Day Membership's can be purchased directly from Triathlon Ireland.
  • Note that One Day Membership for the TryAthy race is at the discounted rate of €15. For all other races, the One Day Membership is €25.

What is the deadline to purchase a Race Licence?

  • You should ensure that you purchase your race licence in advance of raceday.
  • The latest date to purchase a One Day Licence is midnight on Thursday 30th May 2019.
  • PLEASE NOTE: No Licence means No Race - There are NO exceptions to this policy.

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