Do I need to be able to swim?

  • YES, for obvious safety reasons you must be able to swim as you will be entering an open water environment.
  • Our safety crews will be there to assist you if you need help.
  • However, as a guideline, we suggest you have a minimum competency of:
  • There are time limits for the swims and if you exceed them, you could be removed from the water. The time limits are:

Note: TriAthy swim race distances are TryAthy 250m, Sprint 750m, Olympic 1,500m and Double Olympic 3,000m. Click on the links to review.

SwimAthy: To aid your race preparations we strongly recommend that you to take part in SwimAthy to test the water ahead of race day. SwimAthy takes place on Sunday 26th May 2019. The River course for all TriAthy swim legs will be in place for SwimAthy.

Do I need goggles?

  • Yes - Googles are mandatory!
  • No goggles = No swim as per the race rules.
  • This is for your comfort and safety.

Do I need a swim cap?

  • You will be issued a TriAthy swim cap at our registration venue similar to the ones depicted below.

  • Your hat will be colour coded to identify your race grouping.
  • For warmth and comfort some triathletes choose to double up and wear their own swim cap under the official cap.
  • The official TriAthy cap must be worn as the external layer as it an essential safety feature of raceday.

Can I use any stroke during the swim?

  • Yes although we recommend that you swim front crawl unless you are tired or in difficulty.
  • If you need assistance, roll into a backstroke position and signal for assistance and one of our water rescue team will come to your aid immediately.
  • SwimAthy takes place on 26 May 2019 and is an ideal opportunity for entrants to test the water ahead of race day. It is a fully marshalled event, covering the exact course but without the stress of a race environment. For details see
  • SwimAthy is open to everyone and is a favourite among athletes preparing for long distance Iron or Challenge events who want open water experience. It is also perfectly suited to first time triathletes who want to eliminate race nerves and acclimatise themselves before the big day on 1st June.

What swim safety measures are in place?

  • We are a very safety conscious event with a 100% safety record spanning over 12 years.
  • Our water rescue team are medics, rowers and canoeists who are based in the area all year round.
  • They are familiar with the behaviour and currents of the river.
  • Every person in the water will have a dedicated marshal watching them.
  • If you get into trouble, roll into the backstroke position and signal for help using your arm and one of our crew will come to your aid immediately.
  • Should you require further assistance, our ambulance crew will be on standby at the riverside.
  • Couple of additional facts about swimming at TriAthy:
    • The riverbank is never more than 20m away (the river is 40m wide at it's maximum point)
    • The river depth is generally chest high during June.
    • The river current is normally slow and steady during June.
    • Multiple canoeists and river-side marshals will be keeping close watch on our swimming triathletes.

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